Course Schedule

Course schedules for upcoming terms are subject to change up to ten weeks before the term begins. Please check this page again to confirm times and locations. [Key to abbreviations]

Winter Term 2017-2018

Course (Units/Grade) Subject Instructor Time Room
EE 1
Introduction to Electrical Engineering Seminar Hajimiri W 12:00-12:55 B270 MRE
EE 10a
Introduction to Digital Logic and Embedded Systems George WF 3:00-3:55 B270 MRE
EE 45
Electronics Laboratory Emami TTh 9:00-10:25 B270 MRE
EE/CS 53
Microprocessor Project Laboratory George OM, W 4:00-4:55 B270 MRE
EE 80b
(Letter Grade)
Senior Thesis Hajimiri, Effros, Doyle, Tai, Hassibi - -
EE 91b Experimental Projects in Electronic Circuits
(Units by arrangement; 12 units minimum each term)
Megdal OM, Th 4:00-4:55 B270 MRE
EE 99
Advanced Work in Electrical Engineering Scherer, Perona, George, Atwater, Murray, Emami, Gharib, Low, Yang, Hajimiri, Burdick, Tai, Yariv, Bruck, Choo, Hassibi, Wang - -
EE 105b
Electrical Engineering Seminar Hajimiri - -
ACM/EE 106b
Introductory Methods of Computational Mathematics Lam TTh 1:00-2:25 105 ANB
EE 112
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Vaidyanathan TTh 1:00-2:25 B270 MRE
Ph/APh/EE/BE 118b
Physics of Measurement Roukes TTh 2:30-3:55 107 DWN
EE/Ma/CS 126b
(Letter Grade)
Information Theory
(Make-up classes - Friday 080 Moore 10:30-12:00)
Effros MW 10:30-11:55 B280 MRE
Power System Analysis Low MW 1:00-2:30 243 ANB
Networks: Structure Economics Wierman TTh 10:30-11:55 105 ANB
EE 150 Topics in Electrical Engineering
Electronics for Space Applications
Klesh OM, Th 4:00-4:55 B280 MRE
Machine Learning Data Mining Yue TTh 2:30-3:55 105 ANB
EE/Ae 157b
Introduction to the Physics of Remote Sensing Van Zyl MW 2:30-3:55 107 ANB
EE 163a
Communication Theory Lahouti MW 2:30-3:55 B280 MRE
EE 291
Advanced Work in Electrical Engineering Abu-Mostafa, Kostina, Bruck, Burdick, Heath, Doyle, Effros, Vahala, George, Haile, Hajimiri, Hassibi, Zmuidzinas, Low, McEliece, Atwater, Murray, Perona, Gharib, Hoffmann, Choo, Phillips, Cvitanic, Quartz, Rutledge, Scherer, Pellegrino, Tai, Vaidyanathan, Yariv, Chandrasekaran, Roukes, Avouac, Weinreb, Hallinan, Martin, Yang, Emami, Painter, Faraon, Lahouti, Minnich, Rees, Yue, Van Zyl, Shapiro, Wang, Tsao - -