Course Schedule

Course schedules for upcoming terms are subject to change up to ten weeks before the term begins. Please check this page again to confirm times and locations. [Key to abbreviations]

Fall Term 2019-2020

Course (Units/Grade) Subject Instructor Time Room
Introduction to Mechatronics George MW 1:00-1:55 B270 MRE
APh/EE 9a
(Letter Grade)
Solid-State Electronics for Integrated Circuits Scherer TTh 1:00-1:55 B280 MRE
EE 13
Electronic System Prototyping George OM T 4:00-4:55 B270 MRE
EE 44
(Letter Grade)
Deterministic Analysis of Systems and Circuits Hajimiri TTh 9:00-10:55 B270 MRE
CS/EE/ME 75a
(3 units 2-0-1, 6 units 2-0-4, or 9 units 2-0-7)
Multidisciplinary Systems Engineering Burdick OM T 7:00-7:55 135 GTL
EE 80a
(Letter Grade)
Senior Thesis Hajimiri
Van Valen
- -
EE 91a
(Letter Grade)
Experimental Projects in Electronic Circuits
(9 units per term pending faculty board approval)
Ohanian OM, W 4:00-4:55 B280 MRE
EE 99
Advanced Work in Electrical Engineering Scherer, Tai, Perona, George, Hajimiri, Yang, Burdick, Emami, Yariv, Hassibi, Low, Wang, Megdal - -
EE 105a
Electrical Engineering Seminar Emami - -
ACM/EE 106a
Introductory Methods of Computational Mathematics Hosseini TTh 1:00-2:25 105 ANB
Energy Technology and Policy Blanquart MWF 2:00-2:55 115 GTL
EE 110a
Embedded Systems Design Laboratory George MWF 2:30-3:55 B270 MRE
EE 111
Signal-Processing Systems and Transforms Vaidyanathan TTh 1:00-2:25 B270 MRE
Introduction to Probability Models
(Ma 3 prerequisite enforced / Class will meet in 105 ANB on 10/17/19)
Zuev TTh 9:00-10:25 Institute Auditorium BCK
Ph/APh/EE/BE 118a
Physics of Measurement Roukes TTh 2:30-3:55 B157 BRG
EE/Ma/CS 126a
(Letter Grade)
Information Theory
(Make-up classes held on Fridays 10:30-noon in Moore B270)
Effros MW 10:30-11:55 B270 MRE
ME/CS/EE 129
Experimental Robotics
(Pending faculty board approval)
Staff - -
ME/CS/EE 133a
(Pending faculty board approval)
Staff - -
CS/EE 146
Control and Optimization of Networks Low MWF 1:00-1:55 243 ANB
EE 152
High Frequency Systems Laboratory Russell M 9:00-10:25 B280 MRE
CS/CNS/EE 156a
Learning Systems Abu-Mostafa OM T 12:00-12:55

TTh 2:00-3:55
BAX Lecture Hall

EE/Ae 157a
Introduction to the Physics of Remote Sensing Van Zyl MW 2:30-3:55 B280 MRE
EE/APh 180
Nanotechnology Scherer TTh 2:30-3:55 B280 MRE
BE/EE/MedE 189a
Design and Construction of Biodevices
(Maximum enrollment: 24 students)
Bois TTh 10:30-11:55 108 KCK
EE 291
Advanced Work in Electrical Engineering Hoffmann, Yang, Bruck, Burdick, Meister, Doyle, Effros, Wang, Gharib, Martin, Hajimiri, Hallinan, Low, Hassibi, Murray, Perona, Vaidyanathan, Tai, Yariv, Quartz, Roukes, Scherer, Avouac, Vahala, Zmuidzinas, Atwater, Kimble, Heath, Weinreb, Emami, George, Abu-Mostafa, Painter, Gharib, Choo, Cvitanic, Faraon, Pellegrino, Chandrasekaran, Minnich, Rees, Kostina, Yue, Tsao, Marandi - -