Course Schedule

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Spring Term 2019-2020

Course (Units/Grade) Subject Instructor Time Room
EE 1
The Science of Data, Signals, and Information Vaidyanathan TTh 2:30-3:55 B280 MRE
EE/CS 10b
Introduction to Digital Logic and Embedded Systems George MWF 3:00-3:55 B270 MRE
EE 40
Physics of Electrical Engineering Marandi TTh 1:00-2:25 B270 MRE
CS/EE/ME 75c Multidisciplinary Systems Engineering Burdick OM M 7:30-8:25 135 GTL
EE 80c
(Letter Grade)
Senior Thesis Vaidyanathan, Scherer, Hajimiri, Hassibi, Tai, Effros, Doyle, Abbott, Emami, George, Choo, Van Valen - -
EE 90
(Letter Grade)
Analog Electronics Project Laboratory Ohanian OM, T 5:00-5:55 B280 MRE
EE 99
Advanced Work in Electrical Engineering George, Perona, Scherer, Meyerowitz, Marandi, Murray, Low, Yang, Martin, Chandy, Tai, Hajimiri, Emami, Klement, Yariv, Bruck, Doyle - -
EE 110c
Embedded Systems Design Laboratory George F 1:00-2:25 B270 MRE
Ph/APh/EE/BE 118b
Physics of Measurement Roukes TTh 2:30-3:55 107 DWN
EE/CS/MedE 125
Digital Electronics and Design with FPGAs and VHDL Pedroni OM, T 4:00-4:55 B270 MRE
Selected Topics in Computational Vision Perona TTh 1:00-2:25 -
EE 151
Electromagnetic Engineering Yang TTh 10:30-11:55 B270 MRE
EE 153
Microwave Circuits and Antennas Antsos T 3:00-4:55
Th 3:00-3:55
B180 BBB
CS/CNS/EE 156b
Learning Systems Abu-Mostafa TTh 2:30-3:55 B270 MRE
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning Yue TTh 9:00-10:25 105 ANB
EE 164
Stochastic and Adaptive Signal Processing Hassibi TTh 10:30-11:55 121 BCK
MedE/EE/BE 168b
(Letter Grade)
Biomedical Optics: Principles and Imaging Wang WF 3:30-5:25 142 KCK
APh/EE 183
Physics of Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices Nadj-Perge TTh 1:00-2:25 104 WAT
BE/EE/MedE 189a
Design and Construction of Biodevices
(Maximum enrollment: 24 students)
Yang TTh 2:30-3:55 108 KCK
BE/EE/MedE 189b
Design and Construction of Biodevices Yang TTh 2:30-3:55 108 KCK
EE 291
Advanced Work in Electrical Engineering Atwater, Wang, Bruck, Burdick, Abu-Mostafa, Doyle, Effros, Heath, George, Weinreb, Hajimiri, Hassibi, Campbell, Low, Phillips, Choo, Murray, Perona, Vahala, Gharib, Psaltis, Haile, Quartz, Roukes, Tsao, Scherer, Cvitanic, Tai, Vaidyanathan, Yariv, Hoffmann, Yang, Chandrasekaran, Martin, Avouac, Bridges, Zmuidzinas, Emami, Painter, Faraon, Pellegrino, Hallinan, Lahouti, Minnich, Kostina, Van Zyl, Yue, Shapiro, Yeh, Marandi, Anderson - -