Amnon Yariv

Amnon Yariv

Martin and Eileen Summerfield Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering

Degrees and Appointments

B.S., University of California, Berkeley, 1954; M.S., 1956; Ph.D., 1958. Associate Professor, Caltech, 1964-66; Professor, 1966-74; Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, 1974-79; Myers Professor, 1979-96; Summerfield Professor, 1996-.

Email: ayarivcaltech.edu


Research Group Matters
Connie Rodriguez
164 Watson Laboratory

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Research Overview

Professor Amnon Yariv's research focuses on the theoretical and technological underpinning of optical communication. Present projects include: new types of semiconductor lasers, optical phase-lock systems and coherent photonics, hybrid Si/III-V devices for lasers, detectors and modulation, "Slow" light propagation in artificial periodic dielectric waveguides.

List of Research Areas

theoretical and technological underpinning of optical communication

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