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APh/EE 23
Demonstration Lectures in Classical and Quantum Photonics
9 units (3-0-6)  | second term
Prerequisites: Ph 1 abc is required; a class on waves (Ph2a or Ph12a) is strongly encouraged but not required; prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is not required..

This course focuses on basic concepts needed for understanding classical and quantum optical phenomena and their applications to modern optical components and systems. Classical optical phenomena including interference, dispersion, birefringence, diffraction, laser oscillation, and the applications of these phenomena in optical systems employing multiple-beam interferometry, Fourier-transform image processing, holography, electro-optic modulation, optical detection and heterodyning will be covered. Quantum optical phenomena like single photon emission will be discussed. Examples and demonstrations will be selected from optical communications, lidar, adaptive optical systems, nano-photonic devices and quantum communications. Visits to research laboratories in optics are expected at the end of the course. This class is optimal for sophomores/juniors/seniors who want to get their first serious exposure to optics but also might work for well-prepared and motivated First-Year students.

Instructor: Staff