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EE 44
Deterministic Analysis of Systems and Circuits
12 units (4-0-8)  | first term
Prerequisites: Ph 1 abc, can be taken concurrently with Ma 2 and Ph 2 a.

Modeling of physical systems by conversion to mathematical abstractions with an emphasis on electrical systems. Introduction to deterministic methods of system analysis, including matrix representations, time-domain analysis using impulse and step responses, signal superposition and convolution, Heaviside operator solutions to systems of linear differential equations, transfer functions, Laplace and Fourier transforms. The course emphasizes examples from the electrical circuits (e.g., energy and data converters, wired and wireless communication channels, instrumentation, and sensing) , while providing some exposure to other selected applications of the deterministic analysis tool (e.g., public opinion, acoustic cancellation, financial markets, traffic, drug delivery, mechanical systems, news cycles, and heat exchange).

Instructor: Hajimiri