EE/APh 120

Physical Optics

9 units (3-0-6)    |  first term
Prerequisites: Intermediate-level familiarity with Fourier transforms and linear systems analysis. Basic understanding of Maxwell's electromagnetic theory (EE 40 and EE 44, or equivalent).

The course focuses on applying linear systems analysis to the propagation of light waves. Contents begin with a review of Electromagnetic theory of diffraction and transitions to Fourier Optics for a scalar-wave treatment of propagation, diffraction, and image formation with coherent and incoherent light. In addition to problems in imaging, the course makes connections to a selected number of topics in optics, where the mathematics of wave phenomena plays a central role. Examples include propagation of light in multilayer films and meta-surfaces, non-diffracting beams, Fabry-Perrot cavities, and angular momentum of light. Areas of application include modern imaging, display, and beam shaping technologies. Not offered 2022-23.

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